Our teams of auto injury doctors in Wesley Chapel bring decades of combined experience for treatment of automobile injuries….


Our Team of Doctors, Chiropractors and Therapists have years of experience and are highly respected and recommended.


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Wesley Chapel’s premier auto injury treatment and rehab facility. With same day appointments, our team of Doctors and therapists are here to help. Offering Medical services, onsite imaging, comprehensive physical therapy, chiropractic, massage therapy and spinal disc decompression we have what it takes to get you feeling better.

Many patients who have never been in an auto accident quickly realize that the options for treatment are limited. Most primary care providers do not accept auto insurance leaving it up to them to find the care they need outside of emergency room and urgent care visits. There are no referrals required to be seen at Florida Injury and Wellness, however we do accept referrals from Primary care providers and urgent care clinics.

Have you been to the Emergency Room or Urgent Care and are unsure where to go for the pains you are still having? Will your primary care not accept auto insurance? We are here to help and we accept all auto insurances.

Our staff is well trained in compliance and billing for Auto (Personal Injury Protection:  PIP) Insurance.
It is critically important to initiate treatment as soon as possible for ANY PAINFUL CONDITION following trauma.  Studies clearly show that failure to seek and receive treatment  for pain within 3-6 months following the inciting injury dramatically increases the probability of suffering with pain permanently.  This is why it is vitally important to get treatment right away.

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